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Thursday 12/03/2015 to Monday 16/03/2015

'The Nudie Runner' to NMF - $100.00

Includes FREE DRINKS on the way up!

Return Inclusive Transfers from Melbourne CBD or Melbourne Airport to NMF

*departing Thursday 12/03/2015 and returning Monday 16/03/2015

**times are open/flexible depending on tickets purchased and will be arranged around the bookings

***nudie portion of the journey is completely optional :)

'Bare Essentials' Camp Hire Package - $125.00


Dome Tent | Air Mattress | Camping Chair | Sleeping Bag | Torch | Pillow

*everything you need.... just bring sunscreen!

'The Full Monty' Weekend Package - $295.00

includes 'The Nudie Runner' & 'Bare Essentials' packages along with the admission fee of $80.00

SAVE $10.00

'Greet the Meat' at NMF - $20.00

each pack contains: 3 sausages, 1 small salad, 1 pieces of fruit and 1 chocolate bar

*food items are provided uncooked and cost does not include cooking

**shared condiments and bread will also be available

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